The cornerstone of my work, both in rehearsal and coaching, is to help the actor find his or her own unique voice to ignite the text, while at the same time creating a grounded, motivated and honest performance.  My goal is to give actors the tools they need to prepare audition material - bold, focused and clear choices - and the confidence to do their best moment to moment work in the audition room itself.  Having worked as an actor, I understand the actor's process and language. Being a director and having watched countless auditions, I know what will get you noticed.  I give practical advice and a safe space to help actors do their best work, as well as advice on monologue selection and general audition techniques.


"Frank Licato is about the WHOLE truth. When working with Frank, I seem to waste no time finding the courage to explore my craft with abandon. To have presence enough to trust my own organic impulses rather than trying to play an idea in my head.” - James Georgiades - Actor

“Frank Licato is a gifted director, teacher. He has a great rapport with both beginners and professionals alike. Frank is always guided by the principle, "if it doesn't work for the actors, it doesn't work".  It's refreshing to watch him work, because he has such a strong understanding of the play AND the actor's process.” - Gino DiIorio, Director of Theatre Arts Program, Clark University.

“Acting teacher Frank Licato's focus is totally on the work. He helps his students by teaching them how to analyze text closely for maximum impact. An accomplished theatre director, Frank has also worked extensively as an actor. He knows what directors and casting agents want to see, and he is an expert at showing his students how to seek out -- and reveal - the living, beating heart of any scene or monologue.“ - Mike Folie, Award winning Playwright and actor.

“Frank Licato is a superbly gifted acting teacher, coach, and director. Under his guidance as an audition coach, I was able to book roles in 2 independent feature films! I highly admire his ability to help me make honest, interesting, unique choices that really bring a scene to life by incorporating unexpected, unpredictable colors, exploration of subtext, discoveries, variety, and truthfulness. I have taken his monologue and scene study classes as well, where, under his expert tutelage,  I have grown considerably as an actress. I appreciate the way he incorporates a variety of acting methods and techniques within his approach. Frank is very discerning and is able to tailor his teaching to each student's individual need and capacity.  I also love how he helps us explore the text line by line, enabling us to act moment to moment with the utmost truth and spontaneity.  He treats all of his students with great respect.”- Cathy Gale, Actress

"Having recently worked with Frank Licato in his scene study class,  I have never felt more empowered and reminded of the thoroughness of the process of character. It was incredibly rewarding. Frank is an excellent guide and teacher who will walk you through a scene moment to moment, and help you find the little truths that make a performance great. Frank reminds you of the roots of acting; the reason I fell in love with acting in the first place. I highly recommend Frank, he is thoroughly dedicated to you, the performer!" - Monica Trombetta, Actress, NYPD BLUE, THIRD WATCH & Board Member- NY, SAG-AFTRA  

"Actor of the things I appreciate the most about Frank as a monologue coach is his ability to quickly hone in on what isn't working in an audition piece. He then provides clear, specific direction for how to improve upon it.  He also sees what IS working and manages to make suggestions that strengthen the piece even further. His sense of humour and pleasant demeanor are an added bonus, which makes the time spent working with him feel more like play.  I couldn't recommend him more highly to anyone looking to refine a new monologue or shake up an old one." - Dana Benningfield, actress

"Frank is a consummate professional. He works closely with his actors, making sure he gets the best performance he can without compromising that actor's abilities.  He has a warm way about him which also makes for a great experience.  He has an intelligence and great knowledge of theater, film and the arts.  He knows how to get , not just a performance from his actors, but the right type of performance.  His teaching is just as important.  He more then senses what an individual needs.  He seems to intuit it and after creating a secure and safe environment he brings actors to an understanding of their own gifts and voice.  I can't recommend him highly enough." - Garry Pastore, President of Hudson Film Group