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"Licato's Macbeth feels human.  It clarifies the psychologic depths that all the characters plunge into in the wake of an unnamed act.  It is one of the few Macbeths I've seen where all of the characters, minor and major, are woven into the story in a way that makes us see the possibility of ourselves in this world.  The language is clear and beautiful and the simple yet visually stunning design echos Shakespeare's poetry.  It gave me chills and made me think about the play again in ways that I hadn't before." - Anthony P. Pennino - Hudson Reporter

A STEADY RAIN -  (Named Top 10 show in New Jersey by the Star Ledger, 2016)

"Licato's direction allows for this story to progress efficiently without being rushed.  Most remarkable about Huff's script is the evolution both these characters undergo over the course of a short, 90-minute play and Licato seems particularly attuned to this process."  - Patrick Maley, Star Ledger


"In Jackson is Gone,  the cast is well served by Licato's taught direction." - Adam F. Cohen, NJ Stages


"The show itself is a magnificent achievement, succeeding in bottling the sprawling reaches of the American dream and staging the desires and heartbreaks in an intimate and visceral environment" - Dean DeChiaro Hudson Reporter


“Stellar Direction... the production holds tight under the direction of Frank Licato. Licato keeps the pace up, not allowing his actors to wallow too long” - Bradley Troll, Theatre Is Easy

“Director Frank Licato gets his ensemble to click.” - Fern Seigal, Huffington Post

“When theater transforms a playwright’s words on a page into a moving experience it’s a credit to its creator, cast and director.” “Credit here goes to director Frank Licato for turning the Lion Theater’s small stage into a universe where there is also humor, and unwieldy human emotions laid bare without sentimentality.” - Glenna Freedman, Nassau Herald

Frank Licato's direction is clear and straightforward, utilizing David Meyer's excellent, detailed set. - Martin Denton,


"Summit Playhouse has premiered their excellent version of Vidal's sophisticated tale "The Best Man." 'Excellent' may be an inadequate word....the production directed by one of our most respected directors, Frank Licato, is simply superior theater."- Rick Busciglio, The

Director Frank Licato has created a stimulating, thought-provoking evening of the political scene, perfectly timed for the upcoming national election. Licato’s credits include numerous off-Broadway productions as well as a Perry Award for “Grapes of Wrath.” - Kiz Keill, The Alternative Press

GRAPES OF WRATH - (Perry award - director, best production)

 ...”a masterful dramatic feat!” “Frank Licato's deft direction of a large cast (many of whom double and even triple as characters) involves the audience in the "education" of the Joad family—Oklahoma sharecroppers bulldozed off their land, literally, by the banks for failure to repay their loan—as they travel to the promised land of California seeking work. Lured by flyers advertising jobs picking fruit, they load up an old jalopy and join thousands of others on Route 66 en route to a better life, a life that eludes them at every turn when more people show up for jobs than there are positions. Little by little, the family shrinks as members die or leave, much to the consternation of the Joad matriarch, for whom the “family” is paramount. Licato has worked with designer Robert Lukasik to produce a set that almost isn't one: a bare stage, canted downward toward the audience, provides a canvas for various venues, most of which are merely "suggested" by an incomplete doorway, a fence, some bags filled with sand, flags to denote a hall for dancing. Grates open to depict campfires and even a river, while a huge set of doors on the back wall become the entrance to the box car that is the final resting place of this restless family.” - NJ Arts Maven, Ruth Ross

“Frank Licato's superior staging of John Steinbeck's 'The Grapes of Wrath...” - Rick Busciglio, The

“Under Licato’s direction, all the elements blend together, from costumes to lighting to a stark set for a moving experience of tremendous loss.” - Liz Keill, The Alternative Press


  “Solid direction by Frank Licato has helped all these actors find the right mix of outlandish self-centeredness and humor.” - Liz Keill, Star Ledger


"INTENSE ENIGMA VARIATIONS - Frank Licato has elicited performances from his actors that are richly natural and spontaneous. Placing the audience on both sides of the stage, rather than in the theatre auditorium, Licato allows us to intimately observe the details of the cat and mouse game that is taking place between two men each of whom is in the process of slowly baring his soul as far he is able.” - Bob Rendell, Talkin Broadway


The direction by Frank Licato is flawless.” - Hollywood Insider

“The direction is by Frank Licato, who directed Off-Broadway productions of Requiem for a Heavyweight and Golden Boy. Mr Licato understands subtly and at the same time crass and melds them together into one satisfying evening of theatre.” - Suzanna Bowling, NY Broadway Examiner


“To make Pinter work, you need a thoughtful, talented director and two high quality actors. In director, Frank Licato and the cast of Michael Bias and Elizabeth Mozer, this Garage Theatre Group production has both in spades. Licato keeps the staging spare and concise and doesn’t “busy” it up with extraneous stage movements. He skillfully guides his actors through subtle, powerful, non-histrionic performances.  In Afterplay, Frank Licato’s direction is again assured, spare, clear and clean. Under his guidance the actors are meticulously truthful in bringing to life on stage two very vulnerable, very real human beings.” - Thom Molneaux, North Jersey Media Group

“Director Frank Licato has captured the essence of both plays. His direction maximizes their clarity, and, in turn, their accessibility.” - Bob Rendell, Talkin Broadway

“Director Frank Licato has done a superb job in staging both, and the acting by Bias and Elizabeth Mozer couldn't be better. “ - Peter Filichia, Star Ledger


“Frank Licato, the director, has managed to give pace to Mr. LaBute’s episodic, at times overwritten, one-acter. If “Fat Pig” plays a bit like an “Afterschool Special” — a feel-good theme, a feel-bad ending and not much nuance — it is no fault of its talented cast and director.” - Naomi Segel, New York Times

“Frank Licato offers deft direction, especially in getting Jornov and Donovan to show the nervousness of a first date. As shown before his work with actors is remarkable.” - Peter Filichia, Star Ledger

“There follows a scene, a very difficult one to stage at that, that epitomizes the triumph that this production is for author, director and actors. Tom and Helen are in bed at Helen's place. They are watching television (they both like war movies) and making love. There is a sweet and tender eroticism in the writing and the playing which conveys the joy and pleasure which these kindred souls are experiencing. Director Frank Licato is neither restrained nor prurient in his direction of this excellent scene.” - Bob Rendell, Talkin Broadway


“Frank Licato’s production of Rod Serling’s 50s teleplay Requiem for a Heavyweight is the kind of experience you wish every evening at the theater could be. It’s hard to imagine a better more loving production.” - Howard Kissel, New York Daily News

Frank Licato’s direction hums with cinematic verve. A knockout!” - Aarom Gell, Time Out New York


“Steven Sater’s play is a giant 12-stepathon...Frank Licato directs a slice of pain awful in it’s realness and depiction of helplessness” - Stone, Village Voice


“Anger and anxiety can often appear cheesy and thin onstage but Frank Licato directs his cast with a discerning eye.” - Matt Stewart, Time Out New York


“With taste, style and the right degree of restraint, Frank Licato directs Sean O’Donnell’s ironic and highly entertaining, film noir parody.” - Time Out New York


“A wonderful entertaining, humorous revival of Sam Shepard’s play. Director Frank Licato created some extraordinary visions” - Marshall Yaeger, Off-Off Broadway Review


“Director, Frank Licato, matched D’Amato’s virtuosity, meshing complicated effects (such as a shipwreck) through split second timing, superimposed speeches and sound and lighting. The set by Mr. Licato was simple and evocative of sea life, with some clever toy ships sailing an imaginary sea and planks eerily lighted from beneath” - Marshall Yaeger, Off-Off Broadway Review