"Licato is a wonderful director, actor and teacher in that his stage and TV career has been a stellar combination of acting and directing.  He gives his colleagues first hand knowledge because he has been there and done that.  His work is gritty, truthful and on the money." - Richard Vetere, Pulitzer Nominated Playwright

"Frank works within that rare environment where creativity is a balance of seriousness and playful freedom, rooted in a trustworthy sense of truth and expanded and challenged by boundless imagination." - Michael Ornstein, Chuck Marstein on Sons of Anarchy

“Frank Licato is a gifted director, teacher. He has a great rapport with both beginners and professionals alike. Frank is always guided by the principle, "if it doesn't work for the actors, it doesn't work".  It's refreshing to watch him work, because he has such a strong understanding of the play AND the actor's process.” - Gino Diorio, Playwright & Director of Theatre Arts Program, Clark University